D-Scope Systems

Streamline workflow, documentation and collaboration with cost-effective software that supercharges your cameras, scopes and workstations.

D-Scope Systems can connect your physicians with the latest medical imaging and video technologies. Our D-Scope Workstation can connect to any medical camera including SD, HD, 4K and 3-D types. Store the video and images centrally on a D-Scope Server and access the archive through the D-Scope Web browser from any clinic computer. Integrate the D-Scope Dynamic Media Archive (DME)  with hospital infrastructure to eliminate redundancy. All with an optional service plan that offers the latest medical imaging technology without a major capital investment.

Record medical media easily with Company Name: D-Scope Systems ' turn-key video towers. Capture HD video, still images and audio, catalog the media by patient and exam date and generate procedure reports.
Centralize media with secure, reliable archive storage; access media remotely from a web browser; and seamlessly integrate with existing hospital infrastructure including EHR and PACS platforms.
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