Video and image recording has become crucial not just for record keeping, but as part of improving patient care. When patients see images to support their diagnosis, they are more compliant with treatment and outcomes improve.

D-Scope Systems is at the forefront of simultaneous HD video, image and audio recording for medical procedures. Our tools make media useful.

Users can:

Capture up to 10 hours of continuous video.

Mark important sections without pausing the frame.

Pause and resume to edit on the fly.

Review relevant video and images with patients immediately after recording, jumping to marked sections.

Allow a patient to observe a procedure while it is being conducted (with multiple monitors).

Compare up to 12 images and videos side by side, from multiple visits, to show patients their disease or treatment progression.

Play back video in slow motion, loop sections, or step through frame by frame to pull still images to use in reports.

D-Scope All-In-One
Centralize media with secure, reliable archive storage; access media remotely from a web browser; and seamlessly integrate with existing hospital infrastructure including EHR and PACS platforms.

D-Scope SaaS

Get the equipment, software, service and support you need for a low monthly fee and no long-term commitment.

Have all of the modern features and functionality of a large organization without the large capital expense budget that typically goes with it.