D-Scope® Systems is a premiere solution for medical media

that includes capture, storage and collaboration tools, as well as integration with EHR platforms. All of our software and storage solutions are HIPAA and military-level security compliant.


With more than ten years experience

in the field, Company Name: D-Scope Systems has shown a history of providing innovative solutions in response to clients' challenges and requirements. We are at the forefront of video imaging, and the first company to provide live streaming and storage of HD medical media. D-Scope Systems can provide a complete end-to-end solution, or integrate into legacy systems to unify discrete silos of data into a single seamless system that is simple and cost-effective to manage.

We work with thought leaders in telemedicine.

D-Scope Systems' products are used at seven of the ten top ENT teaching institutions in the country including Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and UPMC, as well as military hospitals. We developed our first products for otolaryngology – a field that was early to adopt cameras and recording in a clinical setting. Working closely with clinicians we have developed media solutions that provide meaningful improvements to patient engagement, care and outcomes. Today, the D-Scope Systems product line has matured to support a broad range of medical specialties.
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