D-Scope Demonstrates Live-Streaming Clinical Exam at National Association of Teachers of Singers

At the Voice Conference for the National Association of Teachers of Singers, D-Scope Systems and doctors from the Cleveland Clinic presented a real-time medical exam and Q & A session with a singer who was at the Cleveland Clinic Voice Studio in Ohio, while participants watched live from Orlando, Florida.

The endoscopic exam was streamed live on HD video; bi-directional video conferencing allowed singers attending the conference in Orlando to ask the singer in Cleveland to perform certain tasks (e.g. sing specific scales), allowing them to see the singer’s vocal cords as she executed the requested melodies.

The demonstration was a riveting illustration of the educational use of telemedicine and the benefits of remote diagnosis. The patient and participants were able to view the patient’s anatomy at work. The bi-directional video allowed doctor and patient to confer even though they were thousands of miles apart.