D-Scope Systems Provides Workstation, Server and Cloud Hosting Station to Ethiopian Hospital

D-Scope Systems deployed D-Scope Web, its first cloud-based archive solution at the newly constructed Ethiopian Airline Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The grant project is a collaboration between D-Scope Systems, clinicians and ENT consultants at the EA clinic, and People To People, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care and reducing the spread of disease, particularly in Ethiopia and in diaspora communities.

This purpose of the project is to allow physicians at the Addis Ababa hospital to conduct endoscopic procedures on patients and archive the procedure recordings to D-Scope Web, a HIPAA-secure cloud hosting infrastructure. From there, participating physicians in the United States can provide expert diagnostic opinion, providing local physicians with access to the latest medical expertise.

During a two-day technical and training effort, D-Scope Systems technologists installed the cloud portal, connected new D-Scope Workstations, and provided training on a portable D-Scope Mission kit. Local doctors were shown how to capture images, save them to the local portal and D-Scope Web. The captured procedures were reviewed by clinicians in the US.

D-Scope Systems President Philip Goetz, who attended the training said: “We are excited to participate in this philanthropic endeavor and hope this project will be a model for improving healthcare and eliminating geographical barriers to premier healthcare worldwide.”