D-Scope’s Live Streaming Video Presentation Demonstrates the Future of Telemedicine for ENT Diagnosis

Along with doctors from the Cleveland Clinic, D-Scope Systems co-presented a demonstration of live-streaming video at The Voice Foundation’s 40th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice, to illustrate how telemedicine can be used for the remote diagnosis of voice issues.

Before an audience of approximately 300 voice specialists watching from a conference room at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia, PA, D-Scope Systems live-streamed an HD video and audio performance by an opera singer singing at the CCF Voice Studio in Cleveland, Ohio.  She was accompanied by a pianist playing on a Midi piano keyboard in the studio in Cleveland, that controlled the grand piano in the lecture hall in Philadelphia.

After the performance, a speech pathologist who was with the singer at the Voice Studio in Cleveland, performed a stroboscopic exam of the singer, that was live streamed  – and live guided by the presenting physician Michael S. Benninger, M.D.. Chairman, Head and Neck Institute, Cleveland Clinic from Philadelphia.

The demonstration illustrated the innovative ways telemedicine and live streaming can be used to help patients and physicians collaborate to get the best diagnosis possible. “Hearing a singer in his or her concert environment can be crucial to diagnosing voice issues,” explains D-Scope Systems President Philip Goetz. Using live-streaming video eliminates geographic barriers to getting an expert opinion.  “Most people think video streaming is simply a tool for the OR, or for archival purposes. But today showed how it can be used to connect doctors and patients around the country or globe.”