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Medical-grade computer system connects to any SD or HD medical camera to record, review and share media.

The D-Scope Workstation is a turn-key solution for recording still images, video and audio of procedures. Our unique features allow users to:

Capture still images and video simultaneously without interruption of the live video.

Configure for multiple users, each with unique profiles for customized reports and workflows.

Import external media from other sources, such as media on a CD/DVD or DICOM radiology files from a PACS.

D-Scope Workstation

Equipment, software, service and support for one monthly fee.

With our SaaS (Service as a Solution) option, we can provide enterprise-level solutions for medical media management without a large capital expense.

SaaS is a monthly service that can be cancelled at any time. It includes software upgrades of the D-Scope platform and complete hardware replacement every five years. This pay-as-you-go model keeps clients on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving technology, without repeated capital investment.


Medical-grade SD and HD video cameras and Xenon light sources.

We offer two cameras, a true 1080p HD video camera with accurate and vibrant color reproduction and a USB SD video camera for portability and flexibility.

Cameras and Light Source

Long-form video capture and archiving, configurable to any specialty.

The hallmark of the D-Scope OR Workstation is our exclusive fault-tolerant recording format that can capture of up to 10 continuous hours of HD video.

Intelligent marking allows users to tag important segments while recording a procedure. This unique feature expedites the review and editing of procedure videos to easily create presentations for later use.

The ultimate in flexibility, our OR solution can be integrated into an existing OR suite with turrets, or provided as a customized video tower with up to three monitors, articulating arm mounts and in a variety of sizes to fit any footprint.

D-Scope OR Workstation

Cloud-based and mobile products and apps that enhance collaboration and patient care.

D-Scope® Report: A simple stand-alone tool for creating medical reports, including a customizable library of diagnoses and procedures. Available in Microsoft’s Office store.

D-Scope Browser: Software that allows you to remotely access your D-Scope media archive from any computer, anywhere. D-Scope Browser can be used with an on-premise or cloud-hosted D-Scope archive.

D-Scope Windows Mobile: A Windows tablet application that allows you to remotely access your D-Scope archive and download files locally for offline access. Also includes tools for managing and annotating media and generating reports.

D-Scope Web: Secure cloud storage hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. D-Scope Web can be configured as a primary media archive, a secondary archive for public access, or as an off-site back-up.

Mobile Solutions

Scalable server hardware and software solutions to store and share media on any size network.

Our suite of server solutions can connect multiple D-Scope Workstations to a central media archive for secure, reliable storage of all of your procedure recordings.

Software modules can be added to support seamless integration with EHR and PAC systems.

D-Scope’s server solutions can help enterprises unify silos of discrete information into one cost-effective, easy-to-manage archive.

Server Portal

Our products are FDA registered Class-I Medical Devices.

The D-Scope Workstation includes:

450W Medical Grade Power Supply, UL Certified

DICOM Compliant, 24 Inch HD Medical LCD Display, UL Certified

Washable Keyboard, Mouse & Foot Pedal

FDA Medical Certified Components
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Our systems provide simple solutions

to the complex technical challenges
of archiving your medical media.
All at a value no one else can touch.

Our products are highly configurable and can be integrated with small practices’ and large institutions’ existing IT Infrastructure.

D-Scope Systems software and archive solutions can be used with our cameras, or connect to any existing camera and light sources, so you don’t have to re-invest in new hardware.

Our Solution as a Service (SaaS) option provides equipment, software, service and support for a monthly fee with no long-term commitment.

We can integrate any of our hardware, software and secure, cloud-based storage solutions with your Electronic Health Records system, to share patient demographics, appointments and medical media across your organization.

D-Scope Web is a HIPAA and military-grade secure archive solution for medical images and video hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform that allows authorized personnel to access archived media any time, from anywhere.

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D-Scope Systems makes recording, archiving and accessing medical media easy and secure. Our specialized experience, custom deployments and unparalleled customer service ensure we can provide a powerful and cost-effective system that’s right for your needs. More...

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