When it comes to recording and archiving medical images and video no one else makes it this easy, powerful and affordable.

Our systems provide simple solutions to the complex technical challenges of archiving your medical media. All at a value no one else can touch.
“I have been using several competing systems over the years and have found the D-Scope System to be the most intuitive, reliable and robust product of its kind. This system has streamlined my workflow and has dramatically increased my practice efficiency both in terms of documenting office-based procedures and in real time report generation. Both my referring physicians and my patients greatly appreciate receiving a near instant reporting of their visit to my office.”
Jonathan E. Aviv, MD, FACS Clinical Dir, Voice and Swallowing Center ENT & Allergy Associates.

D-Scope Dynamic Media Engine (DME) Integration

We offer integration services to ensure you make the most of your D-Scope Systems by eliminating redundancy, improving efficiency and maximizing time with patients.

Integrate D-Scope Systems with an EHR to share patient data and schedules.

Add D-Scope Systems reports to your EHR.

Share D-Scope Systems media with your organization's PACS and VNA.

D-Scope Server

The D-Scope Server enables multiple D-Scope Workstations to be networked to a central repository, providing access to all media from any system.

Get the flexibility of hardware and software-only solutions.

Build directly into your existing infrastructure, with no unneeded equipment.

Enhance security of your data with central storage.

Access media from anywhere with the D-Scope Browser.

Share media with patients and colleagues.

Access the Internet securely via D-Scope WebTM cloud storage.

D-Scope SaaS

Get the equipment, software, service and support you need for a low monthly fee and no long-term commitment.

Have all of the modern features and functionality of a large organization without the large capital expense budget that typically goes with it.

D-Scope Solutions

D-Scope Workstation

The D-Scope Workstation is a turn-key solution for recording still images, video and audio of procedures.

Connect to any SD or HD medical camera.

Easily capture video and still images with hands-free controls, without interruption of live video.

Instantly access recording for review with patients.

Make a side-by-side comparison of up to 12 videos/images simultaneously.

Configure for multiple users, each with unique profiles for customized reports and workflows.

Export with one-click to CD/DVD and flash drives.

Import external media from other sources, such as media on a CD/DVD or DICOM radiology files from a PACS.


D-Scope Systems clients can download our mobile applications at no extra charge.

Transfer D-Scope Systems media to a Windows tablet, iPad and iPhone.

Review media on the go.

D-Scope Workstation Tower